Back Pain Massage

One of the more conventional medical problems that plague the majority of people is that of back pain.  Unfortunately, as we age this difficulty seems to occur on a more regular occasion and in many cases becomes more painful.  Luckily, there are now numerous methods of overcoming back pain including medication and back pain massage using various oils.  This article will provide information on what causes back and body pain, in addition to the treatments currently available.

As is mentioned above, there are numerous causes for back pain.  Medical practitioners have identified some of the causes as falls, bad posture, sudden jerking and even different types of osteoporosis.  These medical problems are known to cause spondylosis, which is a form of degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints located specifically between the vertebrae in the spine – a root cause of back pain and other back problems.  There are various exercises which can be completed to lower this pain, with the most common being the loss of weight; however, massage therapy, administered by a professional chiropractor is gaining a great deal of popularity.

Massage therapy has become the most well-known and used method for back pain.  It is used to alleviate this ailment and treat the pain in your body.  Back pain massage operates by encouraging blood flow within the affected area and healing soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons.  This is known as a therapeutic massage as it aids in soft tissue; whereas the other back pain massage therapy is known as adjustment or chiropractic adjustment.  This chiropractic adjustment amends the movement of spinal bones and vertebrae in order to reduce back pain reduce nerve dysfunction and increase the healthy movement of one’s joints.

Pain can be reduced via another massage technique known as percussion massage.  This back pain massage involves the promotion of blood circulation, loosening of tight muscles and stimulation of weaker muscles.  As can be imagined, this form of massage is not only used for medical back pain ailments gained through injuries and muscle spasms, but also for stress-related physical difficulties and to improve flexibility.  It also promotes deeper breathing, can improve one’s posture and can increase the healthy functioning of an immune system.

Another form of back pain therapy is laser pain treatment.  This treatment is conducted using erchonia lasers and is one of the most technologically advanced therapies currently available to reduce pain.

While the general causes of back pain are falls, stress or the appearance of arthritis, back pain can also indicate a more severe medical issue.  If one does not respond to treatment and the pain is recurring it is highly recommended one consult a medical professional as this may indicate spinal cancer or a tumor.  Doctors will often complete various tests to determine what may be causing the severe pain; however, it is your responsibility to bring this ailment to the professional’s attention.

As can be seen, there are various causes and treatments to back pain including massage and laser therapy.  Finding the most suitable requires research and consultation with a doctor.